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you win or you die.

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Fangirl Challenge

[4/10 Female Characters] » Game of Thrones: Cersei Lannister

If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.

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v a l a r  d o h a e r i s

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No knight in the Seven Kingdoms could have stood against him at his full strength, with no chains to hamper him. Jaime had done many wicked things, but the man could fight! His maiming him had been monstrously cruel. It was one thing to slay a lion, another to hack his paw off and leave him broken and bewildered.

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GoT MEME | Relationships [1/9] → Jon & Ygritte

« “I know I want you,” he heard himself say, all his vows and his honor all forgotten. […] He had never seen how beautiful she was. Her legs were skinny and well muscled, the hair at the juncture of her thighs a brighter red than that on her head. Does that make it even luckier? He pulled her close. I love the smell of you,” he said. “I love your red hair. I love your mouth, and the way you kiss me. I love your smile. I love your teats.” He kissed them, one and then the other. »


Game of Thrones meme: five houses [1/5]

↳ House Stark

"You were born in the long summer, you’ve never known anything else. But now winter is truly coming. In the winter, we must protect ourselves, look after one another."

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