“Everyone always says you must have done it on set horse riding or running across glaciers or something cool,” sighs Harington about his shattered ankle. “I was an idiot. The ‘invincibility of youth’ and all that. I couldn’t even blame it on a film set. And I had avoided skiing for ages because I thought I’d break my ankle!”

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"Father, I wish to confess. I wish to confess.”

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rosetylered asked: Game of Thrones or Merlin (in colors)

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 Daenerys calls out for Drogon as he flies over, and mounts him. Drogon catches and devours a horse, and Dany joins him.

nachopunch: How to Speak Dothraki (90's Muzzy Parody) -- Hi! We just uploaded a super funny parody of Game of Thrones that we think you'll like, please check it out. It's getting a lot of love across the interwebs. Let me know if you need any info about the video or Nacho Punch.